Filtek Solutions Ltd designs, manufactures and supplies EMC & EMI components. Applications include  military, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, industrial process control, test & measurement. 

Products which are available include:

Filtered D Sub Connectors which are available with tubular or planar array technology. Versions available are:

  • Standard Density Sub D filtered connectors 
  • High Density Sub D filtered connectors
  • Mixed Layout Sub D filtered connectors
  • Power Sub D filtered connectors (20A & 40A)
  • Pi filtered Sub D connectors
  • A full range of mounting options & accessories

Feedthrough capacitors & pi filters.

  • screw mount metric & imperial threads
  • solder rivet mount
  • press fit mount styles
  • SMD versions
  • resin & hermetic seals
  • high current versions

SMD Feed-through filters

Capacitor and pi filter plates & arrays

Planar capacitors arrays including D Sub, ARINC & Mil circular format

Tubular feed-through capacitors and pi filters

AC & DC power filters modules including PCB and chassis mount

3 Phase AC power filters

Filtered AC mains power cord

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Download Shorform Catalogue

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Solutions for all your EMC/EMI/RFI components 

Filtered D Sub connector PCB mount
Pi filter D Sub connector
filtered d sub mixed layout and power connector
Feedtrhough pi filter resin sealed screw mount bushing
feedthrough pi filter and capacitor array
high current feedthrough pi filter and capacitor
equipment power EMI RFI filter