Filtek Solutions Ltd designs, manufactures and supplies EMC & EMI components. Applications include  military, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, industrial process control, test & measurement. 

Products which are available include:

Filtered D Sub Connectors which are available with tubular or planar array technology. Versions available are:

  • Standard Density Sub D filtered connectors 
  • High Density Sub D filtered connectors
  • Mixed Layout Sub D filtered connectors
  • Power Sub D filtered connectors (20A & 40A)
  • Pi filtered Sub D connectors
  • A full range of mounting options & accessories

Feedthrough capacitors & pi filters.

  • screw mount metric & imperial threads
  • solder rivet mount
  • press fit mount styles
  • SMD versions
  • resin & hermetic seals
  • high current versions

SMD Feed-through filters

Capacitor and pi filter plates & arrays

Planar capacitors arrays including D Sub, ARINC & Mil circular format

Tubular feed-through capacitors and pi filters

AC & DC power filters modules including PCB and chassis mount

3 Phase AC power filters

Filtered AC mains power cord

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Solutions for all your EMC/EMI/RFI components 

Filtered D Sub connector PCB mount
feedthrough pi filter and capacitor array
high current feedthrough pi filter and capacitor
equipment power EMI RFI filter