A range of high quality Sub D filtered connectors  are available including in standard & high density, mixed layout, power and adaptors.

 Available in solder cup, straight PCB and right angle 90 deg PCB mount. Other special versions such as wire wrap are also available.

 Available in feedthrough C & Pi filters and L versions.

 All connectors are manufactured using high quality gold plated  turned pin contacts and ceramic filters are potted in epoxy for excellent mechanical and environmental protection.

General information on  Filtered D Sub Connectors 

Solder Cup Filtered D Sub Connectors 

Straight PCB Filtered D Sub Connectors 

Right Angle 90° PCB Filtered D Sub Connectors

General information on High Density Filtered D Sub 

All connector insulators are made from heat resistant, glass fillted polyester (UL94V-0).

Capacitance values offered include 4.7nF, 2nF, 1nF, 820pF, 470pF, 220pF, 120pF & 47pF. Other values available upon request.

 Connectors housing are made from Sn plated steel but special non magnetic connectors are also available when required such as in some medical applications.

 A wide range of mounting accessories and contac footprint can be supplied.

 Sub D filtered connectors can be supplied in Class 1 (50 cycles) , Class 2 (200 cycles ) or Class 3 (500 cycles).

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